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"TeleMedHub" at the conference on palliative medicine
25 Feb 2022

"TeleMedHub" at the conference on palliative medicine

The TeleMedHub software and hardware complex was presented at the Wein Readings conference on palliative care. The conference was dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Russian neurologist Alexander Vein and was held in Moscow on February 10-12. The lack of palliative beds in the country leads to the fact that many patients who need such care are forced to stay at home. All care for their care falls on their family members, social workers. Contacts with medical personnel are carried out on a case-by-case basis, especially since the transportation of bedridden patients to medical institutions is extremely difficult. A huge help for such families could be remote monitoring, which provides an opportunity to have a constant channel of communication with medical specialists, as well as monitor the patient's condition, and adjust therapy in time. “TeleMedHub” is helping to realize this opportunity, Igor Shaderkin, Candidate of Medical Sciences, head of the e-health laboratory at Sechenov University, noted in his report. Anyone can use the software and hardware complex, even if they are not technically savvy. The functionality is intuitive. All settings are preconfigured. Participants of the project do not even need to have a smartphone. In this case, the doctor can monitor several patients at the same time.