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TeleMedHub now has the ability to monitor meteorological data
01 Sep 2021

TeleMedHub now has the ability to monitor meteorological data

Meteosensitivity is the body's susceptibility to changes in weather conditions. This relationship has been scientifically confirmed, but a few decades ago, not everyone was serious about the existence of meteorological dependence. I must say, meteosensitivity is not just drowsiness or feeling unwell in rainy or cloudy weather - everything is much more serious. It has been proven that against the background of certain meteorological conditions, some people may experience exacerbations of chronic diseases, asthma attacks, heart attacks or strokes.

TeleMedHub has built in the ability to monitor the weather for all of its users. This feature appeared by default on all devices. Now, when measuring any of the parameters of the body using medical devices, meteorological data are automatically pulled up, depending on the user's geolocation.

This makes it possible to accumulate large data on the state of health and in the future build dependences on various measurement parameters, including weather and external environmental conditions.

At the moment, the following data is transmitted:

  • Air humidity;
  • Atmosphere pressure;
  • Air temperature;
  • Wind speed.